Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Disappearing Glasses

17 May 2015

Remember the 9th of February blog, "The Case of the Disappearing Glasses"??

We now have the answer to the mystery.  Yesterday, in the process of cleaning out the bilges before leaving the boat for the summer, Jim decided to make one last effort to find his missing glasses. Performing great feats to rival the best contortionists, with half his body in the forward cabin, half in the head and arms bent in all sorts of odd angles trying to access the various nooks and crannies, he touched what felt like a dry shelf above the bottom of one section of the bilge.  And on it - rested the glasses!  He couldn't see anything, but he managed to get a hold of them without knocking them down lower into the bilge.

Searching for glasses 1

Searching for glasses 2

When he got them out into the light of day, they were dry, unscratched and seemingly no worse for wear. However, they got a bleach and water cleaning....just in case.  He is now a happy camper AND he can see better!

Jim wearing the "stowaway-in-the-bilge" glasses

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