The Crew

Jim and I met in 1966 when he worked for IBM and I worked for Pan Am.  I lost a contact lens in the keyboard of Panamac, the airline’s IBM computer. He was the one who got to figure out how to get it out unscathed!  Five years later we got married.  Love at first sight does not always happen at first sight!

In fact we could have met in 1962 when we were both living in Europe, Jim with the Air Force in Germany and I as an American Field Service Exchange student in Switzerland.  Though the fates did not align at that time, they did ensure that we both developed a love of travel, seeing new places and experiencing other cultures.  Fast forward 53 years and we still like to travel, but we are ready to trade in suitcases and hotels for our own little moving home.  At this time, a boat is our choice.  Ok, not over land, but we will have to deal with that some other way!

 Jim is the Captain.  He is the calm, quiet and analytical one.  He is logical, patient and tenacious (stubborn?).  I am not any of those things, except maybe stubborn!  I like meeting new people (so does Jim, but I do most of the talking), I like learning and using foreign languages, cooking and solving the culinary challenges of a boat galley, making music tho only the guitar and a soprano recorder have made it aboard and to be honest I am pretty much stuck in the folk music scene of the 60’s and 70’s.  However, I do like listening to many other types of music.  We both enjoy playing games and have recently been taking bridge lessons.  We are also enthusiastic square and round dancers.
Jim tends to be fearless, I, not so much. It will be interesting to see how our sailing adventure develops.  This first season we plan to get to know the boat, how all its systems work, how to fix what doesn’t, what things we would like to add (or subtract), how to sail her etc!!  Next season we plan to head south and our ultimate goal is to reach the San Blas Islands off of Panama, probably in several years.  After that, who knows?? 

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