Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Playing Tourist in Key West and Marathon

05 May 2015

During the past three weeks plus, we have spent 5 days at Key West and almost 3 weeks at Marathon.  Here are a few pictures that will give a bit of flavor of both those places. 

Key West:

Bo's Fish Shack interior decor

Bo's Fish Shack "mascot"

Bo's Fish Shack  from the street side
Bo’s Fish Shack: an eatery with personality and really good shrimp tacos and the messiest cheeseburgers around. 

Sloppy Joe’s Bar:  So you want to follow in the footsteps of Hemingway? then come here to write.  

Bar where Hemingway wrote several of his novels

Chris from Annie C writing her great American novel!

Farewell Key West

Marathon, Boot Key Harbor:

Harbor Hillbillies – a charming floating eatery serves up great Southern breakfasts.  Dinghy up and either eat there or go back to the boat or to the park..

Harbor Hillbillies

Mike and Betty from "C" dock joining 3 other "C" dockers for a Hillbilly breakfast

Dinghy "Parking Lot"
The Tree of Knowledge

Boot Key Harbor has a Tree of Knowledge.  (As opposed to the Circle of Wisdom at Regatta Pointe Marina.)  The taxi and shuttle drivers all know where it is. Apparently it is the favorite spot to pick up and drop off clients.  There are lounge chairs, a swing and couches, but so far I have never seen anyone there - not sure what that means!

We have been at Boot Key Harbor for almost 3 weeks, 2 weeks longer than planned. However, we have had some significant work done on the boat so the delay was well worth it, but at the same time, we didn't manage to get out much. One day at the beach, a little kayaking, time up at the lounge using the internet, visiting with other boaters, walking to West Marine and the grocery store ... that about covers it.   

But...NO Dramatic Episodes! 

So now we wait for a weather window to head back to Regatta Pointe Marina.  

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