Monday, April 27, 2015

Dramatic interlude of the non cruising variety

27 April 2015

Thursday morning while paying our electric bill - for our house, not the boat - I noticed that it had doubled.   Suspicious of problems, we asked our "farm buddies" (as opposed to our boat buddies) to check our house and sure enough we had water spewing from two burst pipes in our basement.  Both of these pipes went through outer walls to outside faucets.  They had been spewing for a long time and had I paid the bill when first received, I would have caught the problem sooner!  (Is there a moral to that?)  Anyhow our "buddies" turned off the circuit breaker to the well pump and stopped the waterfalls.
Sign of Spring

The next morning at 6:30 I headed home to Minnesota.  Talk about culture shock.  First of all Spring is definitely here - fruit trees in bloom, geese nesting on our pond, cropland turning green, grass growing, daffodils blooming.  It is cool and sunny, admittedly a relief from the 85-90 degree heat of Florida!  Our son Josh picked me up at the airport and came home with me as moral support, physical labor, and the keeper of a sense of humor!  

View that first greeted us
This is what I arrived home to.  Ceiling tiles, soggy and crumbling, covered the floor and the furniture.  Puddles of water were standing in low spots, lots of paintings, cardboard boxes with letters, family papers, photos, kids toys, etc. were soaked. You get the picture. Mold and mildew thriving.  After four hours, this is what the space looked like.
Progress, but still pretty awful
And this is what our front yard looks like!
Doesn't look as impressive as it should

Nothing that 3 or 4 loads to the dump won't cure
A few treasures were found and saved.  One of them was a deck of "Old Maid" playing cards from the early 1900's.  Totally politically incorrect and irreverent.  The cardboard box had disintegrated, but Josh was intrigued and dried out the individual cards.
Josh and the "Old Maid" cards
The furnace room where the second leak occurred is a project for another day.  It was much better suited for handling the influx of water and is not nearly in such dire condition as the rest of the basement.

I think we have a pretty good idea what we will be doing this summer!  In the meantime, back to cruising!

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