Friday, April 24, 2015

Dramatic Episode #3

24 April 2015

After four days at Key West we were planning to leave for Marathon the next morning.  That evening while running the engine to charge the batteries, a red light appeared on our instrument panel.  During the night Jim’s subconscious mind was obviously stewing and analyzing what it might mean.  So at 5:00 am he got up early to work on the engine and ultimately determined that the alternator was not working properly.    A quick call to Kevin, our engine guru who had worked on the engine back at Regatta Pointe, confirmed that it certainly sounded like an alternator problem.  He agreed to call back with some recommendations of where we might find a new one and within minutes called back having remembered that Fiesta, of Dramatic Episode 2, actually had one on board as a spare that he might loan us.  They were anchored right next to us!  A call to them at an unsociably early hour and Tim on Fiesta dug through his spares, climbed into his dinghy and brought over a spare alternator!  Jim installed it and within an hour we were on our way!  

A beautiful example of cruisers helping cruisers!  And do we ever need and appreciate each other – for many reasons!

Sunset at Marathon celebrating a safe arrival

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