Thursday, December 14, 2017

Off the hard, at the dock!

Dec 12, 2017

Life improved when we move to the dock last week. 

On the way to the dock....can anyone see Mr. Wiffles?

Jim following Well, Why Not?'s journey
Boats are happier in the water and so are their owners.  The gentle motion is pleasant, the breezes are cooler and the absence of the 10 foot ladder is wonderful. 

Our  inaugural lunch at the dock
In our new location we have a variety of wildlife neighbors.  Birds and fish, of course.  A little more exotic are the Florida soft shell turtles and a small crocodile.  

the soft shell turtle with my reflection
Two very large turtles spend much of their time swimming around the boats at the dock.  If they get too close to one another a real ruckus takes place and after much splashing, one quickly exits.  The  small crocodile (about 4 feet long) pretty much ignores the turtles and vice a versa.  The dockside discussion is whether or not he is actually a crocodile or an alligator.  Assertions are made on both sides of the issue.  I have spent time on the internet looking at pictures and tho it would be unusual, I think it is a crocodile.  I base this on head shape.  I have not been able to take a picture – it glides quietly by and I never seem to have my camera at the ready when he makes his appearance.  But, there is  a large verifiable alligator in one of the side canals who seems to keep pretty much to himself, but bellows in the early evening darkness.  He sounds like a large bullfrog on steroids.  Happily he never comes out and joins us dockside.

Once we were in the water, a diesel mechanic came to service both our Yanmar engine and our Westerbeke generator.  Jim got some practical application for what he had learned at the boat show as the mechanic was happy to let Jim work alongside him. The Yanmar got top marks, but the generator did not fare so well.  We rarely use it which we now know is not good for it.  Our departure from the dock will have to be delayed until the water pump can be rebuilt.  We have plenty to do and no particular schedule so it’s not a tragic turn of events.  Just one more dip into the pocket book.

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