Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whack-a-mole, goodbyes, and finally a SSB

16 April 2016

Trying to finish stitching up the bimini is like playing whack-a-mole.  Every time I stitch up one ripped seam, another one disintegrates!!  I have two more sections in the rear part of the bimini and the other rips that keep rearing their ugly heads I am going to ignore!  We obviously need a whole new one, but I am not sure that I am up to sewing one from scratch myself even tho they are crazy expensive to buy.  Trying to exist in the Florida or Caribbean sun without a bimini is not an option.  It would be miserable and likely a significant overdose of sun and heat. 

Mike and Betty on JS Newby, Seth on Serendipity at Sea and Jim and I on Well, Why Not? had a farewell dinner at Burdines, one of the favorite spots in Boot Key Harbor. They are known for their wonderful hamburgers (impossible to eat with any sort of decorum) and a large discounted basket of fries to cruisers (impossibe to eat, because of volume).  It is beautifully situated by the harbor and the night we were there, we were serenaded by two singers from City Marina.  We hung around after eating just to enjoy the music.

Jim and I with Betty, Mike and Seth at Burdines
Enjoying live music
catch of the day???

A small group from C-dock at Regatta Point Marina got together yesterday for happy hour at Lazy Days in Marathon.  A few are staying at other marinas in the area, a few drove down to see about coming down here permanently and a few of us just happened to be here temporariy. Forgot to take pictures, but it was fun to reconnect with them. It stikes me that a typical characteristic of cruisers is that they are always saying "hello" and "goodbye"  and that once you have connected with someone, no matter where you run into them nor how much time has passed, they are still friends!

And speaking of "goodbye's, Seth left yesterday for Bimini.  It was a last minute decision based on the weather.  So we had breakfast at the Harbor Hillbillies floating breakfast cafe, Jim helped him raise the outboard and dinghy and then Seth left.  The "neighborhood" seems rather lonely without his Island Packet 38 moored right next to us!
Serendipity at Sea leaving Boot Key Harbor for Bimini

The major accomplishment of the week has been the installation of the SSB.  Mind you we have not yet successfully listened to anyone or transmitted anything, but we have the manuals and we will persevere.  Last week we attended a "hammer" lunch and met a local group of ham (not just marine) operators.  I was chastised mightily because when we introduced ourselves I did not know my ham call sign!  But really, I have had no radio either at home or on the boat, so why would I have memorized it?  But believe me, I am now going to memorize it and next time when asked, I WILL know it!!  :)  FYI it is KD0YDL for anyone who might care!
SSB in its temporary location

We have been watching the weather and it looks to us like the best weather for leaving will be Tuesday or Wednesday. Given a few more days than expected before departure, I think I will hunker down with my Kindle and get some reading done.  Nevermind cleaning the dinghy, restitching the bimini or staining the toerail.

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